Rocket – Bootstrap 4 Admin Template + Pug2(JADE) Template Engine + BEM (Admin Templates)

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The Rocket is a powerful, clean, modern and responsive template, thanks to which you can create countless designs. This template includes 100+ custom PUG mixins, 700+ ui components, 50+ widgets, 100+ charts and much more. You can use rocket for any type of web applications admin dashboards, CRM and CMS system, project management, ecommerce backends, analytics, fitness or any custom admin dashboard. Moreover, you can also use it to create regular web pages.

Coded for Developers

Speed up your work to even 10x already with PUG (JADE) template engine, bootstrap 4, sass, jQuery. Rocket contains 100+ predefined mixins in PUG (JADE) to create any available ui component you no longer have to write multiple lines anymore, You’ll only need just 1 mixin who will create it for you. There are also sass, jQuery at your disposal and Gulp and Grunt work automation, and thanks to bootstrap 4, it looks great on every device and browser. This template uses BEM code methodologies on the basis of which are created reusable components, so the code is logical and much easier to use, understand and develop. If you don’t want to write code in PUG and use predefined mixins, nothing stands in the way to use ui components written in HTML. This all gives one of the most powerful tools available on the market, thanks to which you’re able to create complete application from 0, within a few days.

Implementations and Support

Rocket contains written documentation that will help you building your application. If you’re afraid that you can’t handle it, don’t worry about the documentation There are prepared instructive films and prepared examples, thanks to which you’ll quickly learn how to work with Rocket. If you have problems with anything, you can ask a question by email. All updates for Rocket are free, and each purchase of a license gives you 6 or 12(extend support) months of support


Pug(JADE) Template Engine
Based on Bootstrap 4
100+ Pug mixins
Include Starter Kit
3200+ Icons (Font Awesome, Material Icons, Ionicons, Weather Icons)
Include 4 Scheme Colors
700+ Ui Components
Mega Menu
5+ Color Options for Header, Brand and Sidebar
12 Layout Options (Boxed Layout, Fixed Header, Fixed Sidebar, Sticky Sidebar, Footer)
50+ Widgets
Vector & Google Maps
100% Responsive
8 Most Popular Charts
E-commerce Support
Chat & Inbox App
Google Fonts
Form Validation
Authentication Pages
Error Pages
Multi File Upload
Video Tutorials
Text Editor
Easy to Customize


Based on Bootstrap 4 Grid
BEM Methodology
Pug(JADE) Template Engine
Grunt Task Runner


 //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------// Version 1.1.0 - 09.08.2017 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Files affected: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fix    - Icon in <a> button Fix    - Preview button in wysiwyg ediotor - bootstrap markdown Fix    - Styles in sidebar v2 Fix    - Styles for mobile search in header Fix    - Problems  with app sidebar  Add    - Support for collapse, carousel and accordion in pug Add    - Mega Menu  Files affected: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update  - app.scss Update  - _btn-default.scss Update  - _card.scss Update  - _header.scss Update  - _header.scss - mixin Update  - _header-v2.scss Update  - _variables.scss Update  - _app-sidebar.scss Update  - _left-sidebar.scss Update  - _left-sidebar-v2.scss Update  - _chat.scss Update  - _boxed-layout.scss Update  - custom.js Update  - custom.min.js Update  - app-sidebar.js Update  - app-sidebar.min.js Update  - inbox.js Update  - inbox.min.js Update  - chat.js Update  - chat.min.js Update  - chat.min.js  //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------// Version 1.0.1 - 05.08.2017 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fix     - Now data for dropdown and dropup is saved in object (before in the table) Fix     - Fixed visible for dropdown & dropup in card Fix     - Fixed color for sub text in other widgets Fix     - Fixed close menu icon Fix     - Fixed dashboard tools in mobile device   Add     - Support for circle dropdown & dropup Add     - New 4 mixins in pug for dropdown & dropup Add     - var dropdown_obj Remove  - var dropdown_item  Files affected: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Update  - app.scss Update  - _variables.scss Update  - _dropdown.scss Update  - _btn-default.scss Update  - _header.scss Update  - _card.scss Update  - _custom.scss Update  - changed name from _stats-widget.scss to _social-widget.scss Update  - dropdown.pug Update  - dropdowns.pug Update  - dropdowns.html Update  - app.min.css Update  - documentation  //-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------// Version 1.0.0 --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Released. </a>

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