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Max is an advanced, responsive admin dashboard template built with React and Bootstrap 4. It includes 3 different layouts, 8 navbar, top navigation and left sidebar color styles, more than 100 components in every layout and lots of widgets and custom made reusable components to help you with your next React application.


  • 100% React. No jQuery
  • Hot module reloading for faster coding and development
  • Latest Bootstrap 4
  • 3 layouts. Default sidebar, off canvas navigation and top navigation
  • 8 navbar, top navigation and left sidebar
  • 100+ widgets and components
  • Built with the amazing create-react-app package and SASS
  • Comes with 1500+ font icons


 # Aug 21th, 2017 [added] Added reapop notifications [added] Added react select [added] Added sliders [added] Added date picker 
 # Aug 19th, 2017 [added] Added recharts [added] Added additional dashboard 
 # Aug 15th, 2017 [added] Added vector maps [added] Added google maps 
 # Aug 14th, 2017 [updated] Updated create-react-app and bootstrap 4 to latest beta [added] Top navigation and off canvas layouts 
 # Aug 4th, 2017 [improved] Added additional color options for navbar and left sidebar [fixed] Fixed navbar dropdowns stacking issue 

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